Last Longer
You Control The Strength
No Limited Burn Time
Pure Aroma
No Smoke
No Soot
No Trimming Wicks
Never Need Matches or Lighter
Unique Ambiance

Our artfully crafted flameless candle formula is created to provide a number of benefits over traditional candles that require an open flame. These benefits are a massive part of the growing demand for Mythical Wick candles. See for yourself.


Mythical Wick candles require no open flame, greatly diminishing the fire risk. This allows you to smell the wonder without any of the associated fears of fire. Less fear means more aromatic cheer.

Last Longer Than Traditional Candles

Because Mythical Wick candles aren't burned away like a traditional open flame candle, you can get up to hundreds of hours of fragrance out of each candle. Burn time for Mythical Wick candles can be extended if you melt the wax wisely with each use. A little goes a long way, so if you melt only as much as needed for the aromatic strength you desire, your candle will go far.

You Control the Aroma Strength

Traditional open flame candles have one aroma strength since you cannot control the size of the flame, which would change the amount of burn; however, with Mythical Wick candles, you have lots of flexibility on the aroma strength based on how much candle you melt at any given time. This can be changed based on the candle warmer height, as well as the strength of the light itself.

No Limit to Burn Time

Open flame candles have a limited per session burn time; usually around 4 hours. This is due to the carbon build-up around around the wick, causing the wick to become unstable and the flame too large. This can cause unwanted smoke and soot to be released into the air. With Mythical Wick you don't have to worry about those details, because the wick is, well, mythical!

Pure Aroma

Because Mythical Wick candles don't involve the burning of a wick, the smell is much more pure than traditional candles, because you're not burning any materials other than wax and the magical secret ingredients within.

No Nasty Smoke

No wick. No flame. No smoke. Easy enough.

No Nasty Soot

No need to be afraid to look up (or around for that matter), because you don't have to worry about Mythical Wick candles dusting your interior with disgusting soot.

No Trimming Wicks

With traditional candles a lot of the problems stem from wicks, including the need to trim them. Fortunately, included with all the other benefits of Mythical Wick is the need to never have to trim a wick. Not trimming the wick of a traditional candle can cause some of the things mentioned on this list, including: safety issues, sooting, and an even lesser burn time.

No Matches and No Lighters

You don't have to look for that book of matches, and certainly not the butane to refill that fancy lighter, because, you know the drill; it's in the name.

Unique Ambiance

Mythical Wick gives a new meaning to candle light. While traditional candles cast pleasant lighting, with an appropriate candle warming lamp, Mythical Wick candles give off a pleasantly unique vibe. The candle warmer lamp light cascades over and around the candle, then through the candle wax causing the label to radiate its colors, creating an enchanting ambiance singular to that of a Mythical Wick candle.