Origin Story

Each candle is a story, that with every use, takes you on a journey.  Each one of those journeys can be traced back to the wonderous origin of Mythical Wick

There once was an old man who in his former years was an esteemed aromatic candlemaker. As a youthful artisan his work delighted noses aplenty. His creations were made of the most wonderful olfactory flavors, with noses near and far sampling the aromas of his ephemeral innovations. Each one was such a joyful experience, but only lasted the length of a wick.

Every candle was a new journey by way of the nostrils, taking its participant on a trip with a unique destination each time. As the years passed and the blade of his skill only got sharper, the candlemaker found something he revered more than his craft. She was intelligent, beautiful, and buoyantly charming. It was love at first sight, and she was the greatest enthusiast of his work. They both enjoyed the things the other person loved, solely because the other person loved them. For over a decade as his wife, she inspired his creativity to soaring heights, living the dream of fragrance with him.

That was until one day, the candlemaker's wife experienced one of his candles for the last time. She lost her life in a calamitous fire, caused by one he designed exclusively for her. In an instant, she was gone, and so too was the candlemaker's zest for the thing he cherished only second to her. From that point on his candle making empire melted to the ground with his life left in a ruinous void. He was trapped in a state of paralysis, remaining frozen in place for some time as the world moved on.

After years of suffering and despair, the candlemaker set off to see the local oracle. When there, the oracle reached across the table to grab his hands. She felt a profound sadness lodged in the depths of the candlemaker's soul. For this reason, she offered up sage words that the candlemaker would hold tight to the end of his days. "Love may be lost, but not all love is lost. For you have the source of love in your chest, and you are the gatekeeper. It's up to you whether it's trapped in darkness or let free to light the world."

From that moment forth, the candlemaker began his journey chasing the legend of a flameless candle. This candle was said to be powered by magic, possessing a strong and pure fragrance that outlasted any conventional candle. The tale had been passed down through lore for centuries. The old connoisseur studied every text and listened to every person who had something to say about it, wise and unwise alike. Until one day he came across the Book of Candle Magic in the back of a withered second hand readery.

Upon taking the book home and flipping through the first few pages, he knew this might once and for all hold the secret. It wasn't long before he realized he'd rediscovered the art of the long-lost flameless candle. It had been overlooked for an entire era because it could only be deciphered by someone with a certain longing. A specific type of love was required to harness the power of the candle without fire.

The old candlemaker felt young again, with a renewed purpose to honor his wife and share his love for both her and candle making with the world. He spent the rest of his days spreading their legacy, making enchanting flameless candles for people spanning the globe. And thus, was born The Mythical Wick.