Are Mythical Wick candles paraben and phthalate free? (back to top)

Why yes they are! You can smell the wonder without worry.


What is a flameless candle? (back to top)

If you have not experienced a flameless candle, you're in luck!  Flameless candles are simply candles that have no wick and don't use a flame to emit aromas. The aroma is released by heating the candle using a warming lamp to melt the wax from above. Mythical Wick candles are artfully formulated to give you the best of all of the benefits of flameless candles over traditional candles, like: being safer, lasting longer, you having full control over how much fragrance the candle emits, and more.  You can see the full list of benefits here.


What are the benefits of Mythical Wick Flameless candles? (back to top)

There are many benefits to flameless candles, including:

  • Safer
  • Last Longer
  • You Control The Strength
  • No Limited Burn Time
  • Pure Aroma
  • No Smoke
  • No Soot
  • No Trimming Wicks
  • Never Need Matches or Lighter
  • Unique Ambiance

 To see the full details of each of the listed benefits, click here.


Do I need a candle warming lamp to use Mythical Wick Candles? (back to top)

While you can use a bottom warmer to melt your candle, we very strongly recommend using a candle warming lamp to heat your candle from the top. This allows you to control how much wax you melt to emit the flavor's aroma. Heating from the bottom requires the entire candle to melt and will deplete the fragrance much faster than melting as much as needed from the top.  Don't have a candle warmer?  Get one here.